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Wednesday, July 20, 2016



“Stick to the way you are now, Follow the paths shown by your Guru, The shine will come to you and you will be the star of your life”

In keeping with the above thought, Primary Section of Witty International School, Pawan Baug put up a show to celebrate Guru Purnima on 19th July, 2016 with great enthusiasm and splendour. The Wittians duly followed the path showed by their respective teachers resulting in a very successful event!

Guru Purnima is a symbol of the Guru-Shishya tradition. Hindu ascetics and wandering monks (sanyasis), observe this day by offering puja to their guru. Guru or teachers play a key role in one’s life. They try to nurture, mould and transform a child into a good human being who understands the difference between right and wrong and good and evil. Wittians didn’t miss this opportunity to offer gratitude to Gurus and receive their blessings on this auspicious day!

This celebration was graced by the presence of Sister Neerja and Sister Manisha from the Brahmakumaris. Sister Neerja guided students to be positive to lead a happy life. She shared words which the students could reflect in their life.  The session was quite interactive and students gave their best response. Sister Neerja gave various examples by narrating small stories to inculcate and understand the values in life. She shared a strategy of ‘happy box’ and ‘sad box’ where the students can record their deeds which made them happy or sad. One must always feel proud and praise oneself because every soul is unique. It was very interesting to see students being a part of a small exercise on how to praise one by patting our own back. She rightly added, ‘When you see how wisdom has transformed your life, you feel grateful for all that has come your way.’ She instructed students to put forward their right hand and pat their back by saying- ‘Waah Waah Main’. Appreciation is one of the most important social values. Hence, students were guided to take this opportunity and praise their friends by saying- ‘Waah Waah Tum’.

The show commenced with a welcome dance praising Lord Ganesha by the students of Grade 3. Being the youngest of the lot, students of Grade 1 put up an adorable dance while reciting a prayer “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu”. Grade 4 Wittians put up a skit which was enacted beautifully on Eklavya who was deeply hurt by Drona's rejection, but he still didn't give up on his resolute will to master archery. He accepted the statue made by him as his guru and practised in front of it every single day and eventually, became an archer of exceptional prowess. Students of Grade 5 sang a fusion blending the Doha’s of Kabir with a song in English expressing their gratitude to all the gurus. The celebration ended with a finale dance put up by the students of Grade 2 which truly left behind a smile on the faces of the audience! Our auditorium, “Sparkle”, was over-flowing with talent, laughter and joy. 

Guru rightly means the “Dispellar of Darkness” from our life. Let us all have faith in our Gurus from all walks of life.



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