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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Parent's Day Celebrated at WIS,Bhilwara (Raj.)

Parent’s day is dedicated to those caring parents who sacrifice their life in nurturing ours and their selfless commitment towards us.
Parent's day is celebrated on 4th Sunday of every July. This day is marked by grand celebration. It is a day for the children to make their parents feel that how grateful they are for having such lovely parents. On Parents Day, they try to adopt every method in which they can make their parents feel special and convey their hearts feeling. Children take effort to thank their great parenting, which has shaped up their life in such a beautiful way.
The students were very excited and their hearts were filled with enthusiasm. They sang a song and recited a poem on parents day. The poem is –
Dear mom and dad….
Thank you for being there
Thank you for all your care
Thank you for your advice
Thank you for being so nice
Thank you for your guidance
Thank you for your patience
Thank you for letting me grow up my way
Thank you for everything
Without you both, I’d be nothing
This has brought more kindness and positivity to the school campus.



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