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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Secondary Section Celebration on Doctors’ Day at WIS , Malad (2016 - 2017)

Celebration of Doctors’ Day
Mumbai, July 1: National Doctors’ day in India is a big awareness campaign offering great opportunities to all to get aware about the roles, importance and responsibilities of the doctors as well as promote medical professionals to come closer and follow the responsibilities of their profession very dedicatedly. This day is celebrated in the memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy in order to pay honour to the entire medical profession.
This day is observed to highlight the actual need of doctors and physicians in the lives of everyone as well as their significant roles and responsibilities. The annual celebration of this awareness campaign helps common public to become aware about the precious care of the doctors.

Free medical check-up camps are organized at many health centres and public places by the health care organizations to promote quality medical services among common public.
General screening test camps, health counselling, health nutrition talks, chronic diseases awareness, free blood test, random blood sugar test, ECG, EEG, blood pressure check-up and many more  activities are organized to aware people about the priceless roles of doctors in everyone’s lives.
Some of the activities are also organized at the school and college level for encouraging more students towards the dedicated medical profession. Discussion on the medical topics, quiz competitions, sports activities, availing scientific tools to students for the creative knowledge, implementing new and effective educational strategies for making the medical profession strong and more responsible are conducted.
On the 1st of July patients greet their doctors by distributing greeting cards, appreciation cards, E-cards or by giving them bouquet of flowers or by sending messages. Special meetings, party and dinner are organized at the health centres, hospitals, nursing homes or at homes by the doctors in order to commemorate importance of the day and contributions of doctors towards medical profession.

Students of secondary section of Witty International School at Ramchandra Lane also celebrated the Doctors’ Day and took a small initiative for Thanks giving to this noble profession. Inspiring thoughts were shared by Dr. Hemal Maniar, (Radiologist). He is the Secretary of Maharashtra Radiologist Association and is practising for past 18 years and is a part of several hospitals as a visiting faculty. The doctor gave an inspirational speech. Students expressed their gratitude by gifting scrollers and Thank you cards which were made by them during Enrichment Hour. He was overwhelmed with this gesture of students, expressing respect towards this noble profession.



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