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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Spell-O-Fun competition held at WIS, Bhilwara (20.07.16)

This is my spell check folder,
I did my best today.
I wrote my words carefully,
In a very smart way.
The teacher signed my page at the bottom,
And praised me in the school,
I liked to write all chunk words,
As spellings are so cool.

Learning Spellings is not a child’s play. Yet spellings have to be learnt when we are little children. To make learning spellings fun and to reward our good spellers, every year Witty International School, Bhilwara conducts Spell-O-Fun competition. This year the competition was held on Wednesday,July 20,2016.Students attempted the worksheets based on different types of the questions. 
The ‘Spell- O-Fun’ competition not only tests the spellings but also targets at the speed, accuracy and the confidence of each child. Even the teachers watched in awe as the young enthusiasts braved the challenging worksheets. 
The ‘Smart Spellers’ of Witty, Bhilwara (Grade I & VIII) proved their preparedness and the love for Spellings.  Children enjoyed the challenge of solving the problems. The competition was educational and fun at the same time



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