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Monday, July 11, 2016

World Population Day Celebrated at WIS, Udaipur

Population and its related issues are the most hot topics of discussion and to all upon worldwide. To have a worldwide focus on these issues. World Population Day is being celebrated on 11 July every year.

We at Witty International School also fell our responsibility to create awareness about this issue and celebrated this day including all the concerns.

Senior management, staff members, teachers and students were involved to participate and made the celebration successful.

Under the supervision of the teachers, students of class- VIII, enthusiastically and nicely enacted a skit on the theme “Population and its effect on human race” the stage decoration and theme was complementing the skit.

The meaning and the theme of the skit really ignited the thoughts of all the spectators to think over with a fresh mind. The harmful effects of increase in population expressing her views Principal Mrs. Shubha Govil said that “this great awareness day is to being revolution globally as well as breaking sleep of all the deeply slept people to pay them full attention and help in combating this population issue.”



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