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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebration

‘I am a patriot, not because I love my country, But because my country loves me.’

As the Nation celebrates the historic day that marks India’s freedom from the stranglehold of the British Raj, Witty International School, Pawan Baug, celebrated the 70th Independence Day of our nation with great pride and zeal. Major Amit Vyas from the Indian Army and Sub Lieutenant Ashish Chouhan from Indian Navy who were the guests of Honour for this auspicious day commemorated the sovereignty of our nation by unfurling the Tricolor flag as all sang the National Anthem in unison and expressed the joy of freedom. The WIS Band did a wonderful job, playing the martial tunes which added a lot of colour to the entire show. 

While the Tricolor unfurled soaring high in the sky showering flowers on everyone gathered on the occasion, one could not stop imagining how extremely grateful they feel of all those great men who sacrificed their lives to win this freedom for our nation from enemy hands.  It was a befitting tribute to the defence forces. 

After the national flag hoisting ceremony, the students proceeded towards the Sparkle auditorium where they were enthusiastically waiting to display their patriotic spirit and fervor. The programme commenced with a Welcome Speech by the Head Girl, Ms Vanshika Doshi depicting the journey of India. For the very first time, the Wittians witnessed a cultural bonanza showcasing India, a country which is so diverse yet united in the form of a remarkable UV act, ‘Bharat Meri Pehchan’. This was followed by an outstanding fusion of Classical and Hip-hop dance welcoming each and every patriot present there. 

The struggle for India’s Independence made some names immortal. The country has worshipped those leaders for years now and fondly remembers and thanks them every Independence Day. But unfortunately, the selfless sacrifice made by hundreds of others for the same cause went unsung, and as India got freedom they got confined to the dusty pages of history. Thus, to pay a befitting tribute to those ‘Forgotten heroes’ Wittians presented an English skit where the students were left spellbound with the lives of the heroic freedom fighters through a tableau of songs and dance. Moving on, social evils of our nations such as corruption, bullying and leaving an unclean India were dealt upon by a mime act presentation, ‘Wake Up Youngistan’, where the message to eradicate these vices was put across aptly.

Major Amit Vyas stated, “Every year when we celebrate our liberation from the yoke of subjugation and tyranny by unfurling the national flag, it also reminds us of the promise we made as citizens of this country to shun parochialism, religious bias and casteism, and to treat all citizens as equals. We, as Indians, should be proud of our country, which is home to people of different religions, ethnic and cultural diversities. Therefore, we must do our utmost to preserve this state in our country by doing our bit and being secular and unbiased towards all.”

Wittians also put up a Kavi Sammelan where students entertained the audience with patriotic poems. Each poem had a beautiful message which led the students towards the problems prevailing in today’s India which the youth can work upon. Our youth through their colourful rhythmic medley of patriotic songs, ‘United we Stand’ with a live orchestra gave the audience the feeling that this Nation belongs to them and they have a major role in building up a united India where peace and justice becomes every Indian Citizen’s birth right.
The ‘Nukkad Natak’ depicted the hard toils of the Indian farmers who were at the receiving end since independence. The journey of an unfortunate farmer and his family emotionally moved each and every Wittian. The Grand Finale was dedicated to all the soldiers of the Indian Army, Navy and Air force who guard the borders selflessly so we sleep peacefully every night. 

The Principal addressing the students in his speech said, “The past 70 years of independence have been momentous.  Despite serious challenges on varied fronts, including several attacks on the territorial integrity of India, we have been able to keep the flame of democracy burning bright.  And, today, India is looked upon as the largest and most vibrant democracy in the world. India has definitely progressed and evolved as a strong nation in the world’s map, but a country’s development should never become stagnant. The youth of this country thus bears tremendous responsibility towards developing a progressive nation which is independent in the true sense.”

The Primary Section students of Witty International School Pawan Baug, also presented a cultural programme which included beautiful dance performances, speeches and motivational songs as the highlights of the celebration. The programme began with the views on the significance of the day through a speech delivered by the Wittians. To keep alive the flame of patriotism, the students performed a spectacular patriotic welcome dance which enthralled the onlookers. The Guest of Honour, ACP Suresh Shinde reiterated the values that students should develop to bloom as worthy citizens of India. He rightly said, “Our country which was under the foreign powers for centuries is now free and has a vision of becoming a super power because of the sacrifices of the martyrs and the army.” A splendid Fashion Show was presented by the students of Grade I which paid tribute to the patriots and martyrs who laid down their lives in the freedom struggle. Students' choir presented a melodious patriotic song on this occasion with enthusiasm and zeal. The skits depicted the struggle of the freedom fighters like Gandhiji and Nehruji’s role in attaining freedom for our country. They were seamless performances and the message of Independence went out loud and clear.

Thus at Witty International School it was a great day of pride and solidarity for every Wittian, transcending the barriers of caste and religion, as all celebrated this day with unity and passion for the nation.




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