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Monday, September 12, 2016

Dental Check - Up Primary Section WIS, Malad (2016-2017)

Dental Check - Up for Primary Section

A healthy smile is beautiful smile.

Taking good care of our teeth not only gives one a good smile, but it also can keep us in good health .The correct method of brushing teeth and awareness towards oral hygiene can slower the damage caused by eating patterns and food choices which cause tooth decay.

Witty International School along with the intellectual development also values health and hygiene of a child. In aim of this a dental check - up was organized for Primary Section on 8th August, 2016 in the school premises. Dr. Riddhi Mehta Kothari along with her team shared the importance of dental hygiene and tips for dental care.

Students were issued certificates with suggestions for any treatment, if required. The Vice Principal and Head Mistress thanked the dental surgeon and the para medical staff for rendering moral service to the school.



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