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Friday, November 11, 2016

"SING ALONG WITH MAMMA" Children's Day celebration by Plyagroup and Nursery Section at Witty World, Bangur Nagar

Play group and Nursery children were in for a very  special treat for their  Children’s day  celebration  on 11TH November 2016.  The little ones  were joined in class by their mothers who had been invited for a Sing Along With Mamma session!!!

It was a glorious day of music, laughter fun and games!! Mothers were thrilled to get an opportunity to be a part of their child’s school routine, and the children , needless to say couldn’t contain their excitement.
On a more serious note,the  school had organized a donation drive  for children from a needier strata of society. Children donated books, toys, and clothes, generously. These will be donated to a children’s charity, by our Sr.Kg  children who will visit them.

It was indeed a learning opportunity involving the ,’head the hands and the heart’!!!



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