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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Spell bee activity( Gr I to IV) and Graffiti Competition (Gr V to VIII) held at WIS,Bhilwara (09.11.16)

Why expect students to memorize the spelling of thousands of words, a task which is impossible for many children, when we can teach the basic phonograms and related spelling rules? We must show students the logic and structure.
The ability to spell correctly is associated with intelligence and breadth of knowledge. WIS, Bhilwara  tried to assist its students to identify which letters make what sound through SPELL BEE activity for students of Grade I to IV where students tried to write spellings of absolutely new words based on phonics.
 Graffiti has been described as the voice of the people. The public canvas allows for a mass audience. This can give an inner-city kid the feeling of importance by having his “piece” up for all to see. It reminds one of its glorious history that how early men used to paint on cave walls, and pillars etc.

To rejuvenate the history, WIS Bhilwara arranged Graffiti competition for students of Grade V to VIII. Students were divided among 20 groups as per their house and class. Students prepared their murals on the theme Unity Is Strength.



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