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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Stand Tall, Walk Tall (Pawan Baug)

Stand Tall, Walk Tall

At Witty International School we believe that Films can be a gateway to exploring complex ideas and exploring varied ways of looking at the world. We aim to show the world’s best internationally acclaimed documentaries and movies on the unexplored parts of our planet.

Recently, we introduced the concept “Buddy Day” which turned out to be a successful programme where we were happy to be a part of bringing about scientific and social awareness in our society. So this week we invited guest students from other schools all over Mumbai.

Students were shown ‘Zootopia’ which is a scientific fiction movie. The movie is a fantasy set in a city where predators and prey live together in harmony. At the end of the movie, the students learnt the most important lesson of all; never judge or stereotype a specific group of people and especially to never jump to conclusions about others. The first most obvious lesson is to never give up on your dreams. The movie aimed at teaching the children not to be afraid of any obstacles, instead to be prepared and face them bravely. It delivered the message that even when you fall, you’ve got to get up and try harder.

Witty International also believes in the all round development and grooming of a child. Social etiquette and manner is an art that few of us possess. Sophisticated manners and etiquettes are the modern empowering tools that can take you to the next level of achievement with far-less effort and time. We live in an era where etiquette, manner, style and grooming plays an imperative role to have phenomenal achievement in both personal and professional development. That is why; it is extremely important that one should have great command over linguistic gear, social flair and etiquette to come out with flying colours.

The school invited trainers from Wasan Knowledge Hub which is one of the dynamic and sophisticated finishing school in India in collaboration with English Manners Style Academy from UK. They enabled children to be proficient in interpersonal skills, communication skills, personality development, manners and etiquettes etc. The programme empowered children with good manners and social etiquettes that equipped them with self-confidence and coping skills to face challenges during their teens. 

The need for a programme like this was summed up by the Principal Mr. Bijo Kurian, “The time is ripe for our students to hone their professional and social skills within an international perspective. Today, young adults and fresh professionals can get an early head start in life by mastering the most important tools of success – right etiquette and grooming.”



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