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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Visit To Places Of Worship (Gr I & II, 07.11.16)

One must strive to understand the psychological purpose behind every action in the spiritual path; otherwise it degenerates into a mere mechanical act followed out of fear, habit or superstition.  With that in mind, students of Grade I and II were taken to explore the places of worship i.e. a Gurudwara and a Church on Monday, November, 07,2016. 
Students had a wonderful experience of Church, as they reached Church all the students removed their shoes and went inside, father told the children about their religion and also told them the meaning of prayer i.e. talking to god and then along with him all prayed for the better future of students and prayed for the success of our staff members and Witty International school.

 Then students went to Gurudwara, where they covered their head and then entered the Gurudwara. There one Gurudwara official gave them basic knowledge of Sikh dharma  told them why we should cover our head in front of god he shared some teachings of Guru Granth sahib ji and there also along with Gyaniji all  did  “Ardas”. As the teachings came from experts, the children appeared to be very happy and satisfied as they learnt many new things.

We are thankful to the preachers for their cooperation in making the trip a memorable one.



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