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Thursday, January 5, 2017


“The world of literature is a world where there is no reality except that of the human imagination”

Personality is all about what one thinks, speaks and presents himself. Literature is one such interesting and significant means of human’s expressions and imagination. Empowering each child with one such platform, Primary Section of Witty International School, Pawan Baug celebrated Odyssey - English Literary Sparks on 23rd December 2016 giving the young Wittians from Grade 1 to 5 a scope to evolve their oratory, writing and imaginative skills. It was a well structured and administered full day event with Wittians from Ramchandra Lane and Pawan Baug participating in a category of their choice.
Teachers witnessed the stunning performances in the event category – ‘Page to Stage’ where the children brought the characters of the story alive by enacting them with requisite props converting the classrooms into the story setup. The foyer of the school echoed with a soothing sound of children reciting a poem (A Word’s Worth) and singing beautiful Christmas carols (Hyms of Glory). Children expressed their impression for India in ‘Unmute your Thoughts’.
Nothing can meet the joy of your own creation, and this joy was treasured by children participating in ‘Dive into Fantasy’ where they inked their self created story or a poem. Wittians imbibed in them the adroitness of summarising an entire story in 3-4 minutes by participating in ‘Words Come Alive’. Keeping the event in sync with the Theme of the Year – ‘Make in India’, the school challenged the Grade 5 Wittians with the category ‘Discover My Roots’ involving them in explaining how an Indian product got its name, keeping the teachers astonished with the marketing skills of the young children. Keeping the competition spirit alive, the school witnessed their Wittians celebrating the performances of their peer friends cheering each act with lots of applauds and enthusiasm.
Always motivating the talent of each child, Witty International School wishes all children happy reading, composing and writing.



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