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Monday, February 20, 2017

Field Trip to Nehru Planetarium, Primary Section WIS Pawan Baug

 “A Remarkable Journey through the Universe”

Witty International School, Pawan Baug organized a fun filled informative trip to Nehru Planetarium located in Worli, Mumbai for the students of Grade 2 and 3 on Saturday, 18th February 2017.

The field trip to “Nehru Planetarium” was indeed a flight through the universe.  The first attraction was a model satellite launcher at the entrance which fascinated all the students.  It was an opportunity to explore various exhibits like the surface of the Moon, the lonely terrain of the plane of Mars and the exciting cubby rooms where you know exactly how much you weigh on the Sun or any of the planets. The magnificent displays of photographs of the Moon and of Mars are awe-inspiring. The expanse of the observable universe and its galaxies, and the space our galaxy occupies, gives perspective on many things. The Moon’s surface and how the Earth looks from the Moon were their favourites.

Students then proceeded for a dome theatre where the roof looked like Space. As the lights dimmed and the journey through the stars began, the excitement among the students was overwhelming. The skies came alive on their massive dome theatre. They then went on a tour of their universe and saw the planets and stars like Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Earth, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They saw how the Universe was created with the Big Bang. They learnt that Pluto is made of ice. They did not know that there were rocks made of ice floating in Saturn’s rings. They also saw how the Earth is made of gases. There were many Black Holes, Galaxies, space showers, meteorites, etc. They were thinking that they are in a real space.

The most exciting tour to the Milky Way and our Solar System left the children speechless. The 3D effect made it seemed that Meteorites and Shooting Stars were falling down at great speed. Children were thinking that they were flying in the space. The show provided a good visual experience as well as factual knowledge of astronomy.

Students could easily relate to this whole informative and memorable out of the classroom experience of the universe. We could see that spark among the children to know more about their space and its surroundings. At the end of the educative trip we came back with lots of information with greed to know more!



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