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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Clash of Words - Debate Competition, Primary Section WIS Pawan Baug

“One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever”

Imbibing the knowledge and maturing the power of words and acceptance of other’s view points, Witty International School organised ‘Clash of Words - Debate Competition, ‘on 27th February 2017 for the students of Grade IV and V. The Wittians zealously participated in the competition challenging the counter team.
School’s mini auditorium, SPARKLE was modified into debating chambers where the selected students of grade IV and V split into two teams comprising of six members each. Grade IV argued on ‘Are humans too dependent on technology?’ and Grade V on ‘Being self-reliant always makes you lonely’. The podium was heated up with the team leaving no moment to counter attack the opposite team to win the war of words. The endless arguments was closely monitored by an esteemed judge, Ms Deepa Chakraborty, a member of English Department of the Secondary Section, was spellbind with the energy with which the young Wittians systematically put forward their points in the three rounds – Stating their opinion, Rebuttal and summarizing with a Closing statement.
Debate, being an art of formally presenting an argument in a structured manner needs tremendous training and guidance to the young students. To ensure the competition is a learning experience for their students, the team of enthusiastic teachers mentored the students for weeks on all the aspects of a debate, preparing them for both the affirmative and negative side keeping the competition a fair trial.  Enhancing the analyzing, language, questioning and comprehension skills of their students, Witty International School proposes every child to glorify their talent in the arena of communication! 



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