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Thursday, March 9, 2017

One Day Picnic to Happy Planet, Primary Section, WIS Pawan Baug

“Happy Planet Happier than Earth”

Witty International School, Pawan Baug organized a fun filled adventurous Picnic to the Happy Planet located in Phoenix Market City, Mumbai on Saturday, 4th March 2017 for the students of Grade I and II.
This place has safest, new and child friendly adventure sports like Wire walk, Bouncy zone, magnets art, sand area, target shooting, fast buck, etc. They also had rock climbing, sand garden, cart slide and the air balloon slide. The best part was that it kept the students very busy in a joyful way. Children had a gala time. They were climbing from one ride to the other. The whole Planet was full of exciting voices coming from every corner. What impressed every elder was the focus on physical activity oriented game offerings in today's gadget-centric world! The aerial adventure and the rock climbing were challenges for the boys and girls with the safety harnesses which reassured that they scaled the obstacles with ease and comfort! After all the adventurous rides, students were taken for delicious lunch followed by lemon juice.
 Children thoroughly enjoyed each and every facility and it was hard to say good bye to this super splendiferous picnic. Everyone had place for themselves, and happily returned with a promise to be back soon…..



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