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Friday, March 24, 2017


Wittians of Grade-3 to 5 enjoyed a two days trip on the top of the hills amidst Aravallis. Wittians started the winding route up to Mount Abu in air conditioned buses and stayed in a nice luxurious hotel. The thrill started with the trekking to sun-set point. The view of sun-set really defined the beauty of nature. The first day ended with the energetic dance party. Next day began with the refreshing visit to Nakki Lake after yummy breakfast. They had a soothing experience which brought their mind at serenity in Brahmakumari Peace Park.
Last but not the least, they were amazed to see the beautifully carried walls, pillars and roofs of Delwara Jain Temple. There fun was not limited here, on the journey back to Udaipur they enjoyed by singing songs. This trip helped foster their camaraderie and friendship to the fore!!  



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