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Friday, April 7, 2017

Gingerbread Man Hunt

“Where is the Gingerbread Man?”
Four Gingerbread men, sat on a tray
The first one said, “Let’s run away!”
The second one said, “Where will we run?”
The third one said, “We’ll have some fun!”
The forth one said, “We’ll be eaten if we stay”
So the Gingerbread Men all ran away!

Witty International school, Udaipur has a tradition for our little Wittians to explore their school campus, so we go on a hunt for the Gingerbread men; Teacher hid these Gingerbread men in the various areas of the school. Children had no idea where they were so teachers and other staff gave clues. With the help of clues children tried to search the Gingerbread men in different areas of the school i.e. Principal’s room, Medical room, Sports room and Library. Children got so excited when they discovered that they had finally found all the Gingerbread men. The kids loved the activity and they also learnt about important places in the school premises. They also enjoyed making Gingerbread man welcome card with their peers.



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