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Friday, July 28, 2017

Little Kids of Jr.KG of WIS,Udaipur enjoyed the Dramatization of "Grocery Store"

Mr. Baker can you please,
Make me a loaf of bread?
I’d like a fresh baked apple pie,
Or make that cherry instead.
I’ll push the cart
Across the aisle,
We’ll buy some milk and cream
As we are in a grocery store.
I’ll push the cart
Across the aisle,
We’ll buy some coffee & tea.
I’m so happy I’m with mom,
At the Grocery!
Children of Jr.KG at Witty International School, Udaipur were given information about Grocery store. They explored the entire store which was set for them by the teachers in their class & learnt about the daily required grocery items.

They enjoyed walking and enacting like a customer in the store. They were excited while learning the process of deciding and buying their favorite stuff. They also went through the billing procedure and were told about how to use ATM card and money at the time of shopping. They enjoyed the activity.



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