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Monday, July 17, 2017

Witty International School, Pawan Baug Celebrating French National Day (2017-18)

Witty International School, Pawan Baug recently celebrated the French National Day on the 14th July, 2017 with great pomp and splendor. Bastille Day is a day of celebrations of the French culture. It represents freedom, equality, and fraternity commemorating the 1789 storming of the Bastille.          

The French National day celebrations commenced a week prior where the students were encouraged to prepare French Flag streamers and loombands, photo booth props, tile and plates painting, bottles and basket decoration, French hats, comic strips, miniature French monuments and masks. ‘Colorama’ presented the items that were beautifully crafted and exhibited in the Art room on the French National Day to give all the students a glimpse of the culture of France. With the help of these week-long activities students learnt a lot about the French heritage and avenues.

The celebrations also marked the presence of Frenchinéma- Witty International School’s French film festival. Students were shown two French films: L’age de glace and Les Choristes to help gain exposure to the French culture while also thoroughly entertaining them with a diverse range of cinema. These activities were culminated by the revelry of La Fête Nationale on 14th July, 2017.

The Guest of Honour, Mr. Christophe LEGRIS, Director of Education & Linguistics, French Embassy and Ms. Emanuelle HOULES, Consul of Culture, French Embassy were given a warm welcome according to the Indian customs and rituals. The guests were then led to the Sparkle auditorium where the students were eagerly awaiting the beginning of the French Day celebrations. The welcome speech was followed by a welcome dance which showcased the beautiful Indian religious traditions. Students looked absolutely splendid in the vibrant costumes and danced merrily to the beats of the song.

As a message to all the global citizens to understand the importance of living in peace and harmony, students sang a medley – Les airs magiques and poured their heart out. It was a soulful rendition of amalgamated French songs. The students also put up a French skit – Eux, Robots where they enacted and unveiled the futuristic aspect of everyday life. Cette année – là was a French Salsa performance where one witnessed the little French belles thumping and swaying joyously on an upbeat number. The celebrations came to an end with a spectacular Grand Finale.

Mr. Cristophe LEGRIS quoted, “Language breaks barriers between two countries and knowing a foreign language helps one to understand the culture of that country. India and France share a varied diverse culture and French People have always been fascinated by the Indian heritage and culture. Communication is a garment of thought and today the need of the hour is to communicate in at least two foreign languages as the world is becoming a global village and connectivity is important.” He was truly honoured to be a part of such an enigmatic programme.

Ms. Emanuelle HOULES reinforced, “The world is a melting pot of cultural diversity today. This makes foreign languages a key to growth and understanding of this globally diverse domain. It is truly commendable to witness the earnest efforts of Witty International School to create a student community that is not only knowledgeable but also culturally aware through an early introduction to foreign languages. Imparting the learning of different languages, both native and foreign, raises the students to a better understanding to varied cultures and unfamiliar customs. Principal, Mr. Bijo Kurian quoted, “Our students and teachers are actively involved in language day celebrations where they display an appreciation of the multi-cultural world. It is utterly impressive to see such a splendid performance of French dance, drama and music honouring the French nationals by celebrating their National Day. As a school, we always aim to promote international mindedness amongst the students thereby making them global citizens and preparing them for better future. Thus, very beautifully the French culture has been amalgamated in the school curriculum.”
Finally, the entire spirit and zeal of the students culminated with singing of the French National Anthem followed by the Indian National Anthem symbolizing the ultimate merger of Indo-French unity. And with this it was a curtain’s call for the mesmering French National Day celebrations at Witty International School.



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