Witty World

Friday, August 4, 2017

Orange Day celebration by JR KG Section ( 2017-18) at Witty World, Bangur Nagar

I took a blob of red paint,
then I took a blob of Yellow.
I squished and swished them all around
As far as they would go.
My red and yellow began to change,
And much to my surprise,
I saw the colors turn into orange,
Right before my eyes!

The children of Junior K.G. class celebrated “Orange day” on 3rd August , 2017. They learnt about the color Orange that forms the 1st  band of our Flag and symbolizes courage and sacrifice. Orange stimulates enthusiasm, creativity, hope and prosperity. The teachers and children both were dressed in a harmonious shades of orange. Children excitedly participated in the activity of creating the hues and tints of this color by blending red and yellow. The children enjoyed a lot and it was indeed a pleasure to witness little ones dressed up in orange bubbling with energy and fascination.



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