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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Healthy Fruit Salad Day Celebrated by Playgroup Morning Section at Witty World, Chikoowadi(2017-18)

Juicy fruits are good for me,

Eeya  eeya ho!!!
And so I eat them happily,
Eeya eeya ho!!

To inculcate the habit of eating fruits in children, a “Healthy fruit Salad” making activity was conducted in the  Playgroup  class at  Witty World on Monday, 4th September, 2017. With the help of teachers, children made healthy fruit salad by, mixing different fruits such as apple, banana, watermelon, pineapple & pear. Teachers explained the importance of eating fruits to remain strong and healthy.

It was a wonderful way of recapping all the fruits they had been introduced to in the month, and a great multi-sensorial experience!!



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