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Monday, November 13, 2017

Introduction to Oval Shape at Witty International School, Udaipur

Here is an oval, here is an oval,
How can you tell, how can you tell?
It looks like an egg, it looks like an egg,
It’s an oval shape, it’s an oval shape,
Opal oval is my name,
The circle and I are not the same,
The circle is round, as round can be,
I am shaped like an egg as you can see.
The little Wittians of Nursery class at Witty International School, Udaipur were introduced to the oval shape through a opal oval rhyme.
They were also told about differences between circle shape and oval shape with the help of objects. They enjoyed doing oval shape sponge dabbing in their worksheet. With this they learned about different oval shape objects found in our surrounding.



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