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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

An edutainment event "Make In India" held at WIS, Atun Road, Bhilwara (18.11.17 and 19.11.17)

At Witty International, the focus has always been on the child being an active learner rather than being a mere passive observe. The curricular is based on supporting the child’s need to explore, and hence emphasizes on creating a rich and stimulating environment in which the child is free to play, learn and discover. In keeping with this philosophy of, “DISCOVERY WITH ACTION”, WITTY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL hosted a unique EDUTAINMENT event on the 18th and 19th of November, 2017 in keeping with this academic year’s theme “Make In India”.
The event was envisaged as a magical, child-appealing, integrated version of India where children could get a firsthand experience of the various aspects of living in India and getting to know about its varied culture. Parents and family too were a part of their child’s exploratory learning and enjoyed the experience of watching children play the now redundant game like lagori, hop scotch, tyre rolling and a host of other fun games, gorge on some yummy desi food items, buy some wonderful Make In India handicraft products at the Witty stalls and get completely mesmerized by the lovely states of India created in each of the classrooms respectively. The décor of the respective classrooms was in tandem with the respective state’s culture, food, tradition, musical taste, famous tourist places of interest as well as their specially in terms of products exported globally. The walls were adorned with beautiful artwork done by the little Witty students. The teachers dressed up as natives of the state added to the authenticity of the experience.
The event enabled the children to travel from Kashmir to Kerala, click a picture with a Shikhara in Kashmir, pluck tea leaves in Assam and shake a leg to the groovy Bhangra beats in Punjab. The entrance plaza area in the school hosted a lively ramp walk with the theme of “Make In India” which had the parents and the little ones proudly sashaying the ramp in various ethnic Indian wear. The school’s Block- B had the crowd pulling on their dancing shoes to dance to various Indian folk songs.
The highlight of the event was an interesting puppet show, tattoo corner and magic show.

Apart from inculcating a fierce national pride in young children, the event was aimed at creating in them awareness about our subcontinent with its diversity of food, culture, tradition, clothes, music and art. Activities galore, fun unlimited and learning for life……..that’s what the children took home from this wonderful initiative!!! 



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