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Monday, December 4, 2017

QUEST (Grade 3-5) WIS Primary Section Pawan Baug

Witty International School, Pawan Baug conducted QUEST - Interclass G.K. Competition for the students of Grades III - V on 30th November 2017. Three fervent participants from each division represented their own class at the final level giving a tough battle to each other. This competition aimed at unleashing the knowledge and excellence base among the students through healthy and highly motivating environment.
Rules were clearly stated at the beginning of the each round and they were rewarded points for their accurate answer. The students crammed themselves up with a lot of general knowledge for the quiz. The participants had to go through mazes of intuited and mind blogging rounds consisting of questions related to current affairs, science, sports, music, famous personalities, special days, Math, abbreviations, logos, etc.
Four highly different rounds were set up to the quiz. Each round consisted of separate questions for each of the teams and welcomed a new difficulty. The quiz had a rapid fire round which made it more exciting for the students and the audience both. It was very informative and knowledge enriching competition for the participants along with the audience. Each team put up a whole hearted effort and a great spirit.



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