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Monday, January 15, 2018

Dandiya Night at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2017-18).

Report on Dandiya Event

Dandiya is one of the greatest festivals of the India due to its magnificence, sanctity and fervour. The grounds of Witty International School, PawanBaug, came alive to the sounds of the rhythmic Garba beats on the 4th of November 2017 by inviting renowned singer Mr Nilesh Thakkar and his troupe to mark the Navratri celebrations. Students of Grade VI to A Level were invited along with their parents to revel in the foot-tapping beats played.
Dandiya is the mesmerising poetry of graceful movements, intermittent jingling of chimes, clashing of dandiya, electric overflow of light and colours and captivating dance on rhythmic tunes. There could be no other manner significant than dancing on the enchanting beats colliding the dandiya sticks rhythmically to celebrate the threshold of emotions.
The night opened with much shine and shimmer as the Indian attire mesmerized the night through warm colours. Busy in displaying their rhythmical steps and enjoying delicious snacks, came to their surprise the announcement of the inauguration of the WAA (Witty Alumni Association). The Alumni team was formed and formally welcomed by each student and parents.  The committee promised to arrange Alumni gatherings to the best of their abilities.
The children formed different circles dancing to the fullest, tapping their feet to the fervent beats of garba and dandiya wishing that Goddess Durga bestows on all of them wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity, knowledge, and other potent powers to cross every hurdle of life. In addition, who does not like to tap their feet when hearing those catchy rhythmic beats, which are so captivating to both the ears, and feet? The dance steps were quite simple making it more fun for the children to explore different dance steps along with their parents.
The idea of the event was evidently presented and absorbed through the night as the cultural premise was retained through the music and dandiya and the bliss attained through the pertinent participation of everyone. The entire gathering was sunk in the depth of joyfulness where the children also enamored the pulsating beats whole-heartedly.

The Principal of the School, Mr Bijo Kurian rightly said, “Festivals are an integral part of our Indian culture and we at Witty International School want to teach the students the importance of our traditions and the value of festivals to foster bonds of brotherhood, friendship and solidarity.” Truly, the day was full of colour, joy, festivity and enthusiasm.



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