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Friday, February 23, 2018

Creative writing at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2017-18).

“Without creativity, we are all less inspired, less inventive, less resourceful, less socially aware, less globally aware, less of a society… and ultimately less human”

In keeping with the above thought, Witty International School, Pawan Baug, had organised a Creative Writing workshop for the students of Grade VIII and IGCSE - I which was conducted by Mrs Yasmeen Pardiwalla, a Literature expert and a freelancer for Cambridge.
Mrs Yasmeen Pardiwalla focused the workshop on what she calls critical exploration: the development of creative writing and problem solving in the context of real life situations. It's an approach that encompasses teaching, learning and curriculum development and it helps students become critical thinkers and creative learners. The students largely benefitted from the workshop. They learned how to find things out for themselves, how to think laterally to come up with original ideas, how to make connections between seemingly unrelated subject matter and materials. Very importantly they also learned how to share and act on feedback from their classmates and teachers and evaluate their own work.

An activity ‘Champion Story Taster’ was conducted where students were put in small groups and given the beginning of a story. Each student in the group had to write few sentences and pass the sheet further thus developing a story effectively.  Thus an interesting story was weaved through creative writing and students were called to present their stories. The activity gave the young minds to think on their own and proved to be really good story weavers. It helped students to extend their imagination in a very creative way. Kids also developed the skill of being a good narrator.

Another activity named ‘Guess who’ was conducted where students had to draw an imaginary character. The outcome was spectacular as children were able to draw their imagination on a chart paper and then the entire group presented by describing more about the character. This group activity helped to extend each one’s creative attribute they possess. The session was quite interesting and motivating because it diverted children to something different than the usual classroom learning.
Mrs Yasmeen Pardiwalla shared, “The ability to communicate your ideas clearly and respectfully is something that will benefit students in all areas of their life – and something a lot of people grow up never learning how to do well. Thus creative thinking helps students to learn to better communicate their ideas and opinions.



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