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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ignite-The fire in you at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2017-18).


The paragon of youth festivals, that captivates and binds more than 500 youngsters at a time under the vibrant roof of Witty International School, Pawan Baug, is here once again to enchant and tantalize all the hearts. This year the phoenix has risen with splendour and grandeur to set the cultural extravaganza on fire. Students of Witty International School experienced the magnificence of ‘IGNITE’ witnessing the epitome of dedication, exuberance and dynamism, taking home a box full of memories to cherish. Rising and amplifying with each passing year, ‘IGNITE’ has become a spectacular world in itself. This cultural extravaganza took place on February 17th and 18th under the massive workforce of the AS Level students.
The annual ‘IGNITE’ festival is a prism, where students found an array of events and activities to participate in and get valuable recognition. Ranging from competitions like Showdown (Dance event), Reverbed Rhythms (Musical Instrument event), Playhouse (Drama event), Smells like Team Spirit (Business event), Voice Notes (Singing event), Fifa (Gaming event), Cult of Oratory (Debate), and Story through Lenses (Photography and Videography), Ha-Ha cafe (Stand up Comedy event), Brush strokes (Art event) and Sports like Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Chess and Basketball. The ‘IGNITE’ festival boasts of unique creativity, passion and vibrancy.
Each event had unique themes and concepts which made it even more challenging for the participants to perform. With the debate topics ranging from Body Shaming to Demonetisation, drama and art events highlighting social issues around the world to Showdown showcasing storytelling through dance, ‘IGNITE’ truly covered all.
Voice Notes was an ideal competition for every singer to showcase their talent by singing any song of their choice but in two different styles. Students had to up their talent quotient to perform live. The Ha-Ha cafe as well as Reverbed Rhythm was designed to bring out the hidden potential of children in the world of performance. For those who had the entrepreneur within them, the business event was organised where they could pitch for their business ideas to the world.
The major crowd pullers were the sporting events where students came in large numbers to unleash their sportive talents. Be it boys or girls, each performed with extreme might to win the match. Fifa gaming was another event whose massive popularity had a profound effect on the students. The event managed to release an unbelievable amount of control players are given over individual skills, passing, tactical formations, substitutions, set piece strategy and even team attitude and mentality.
Witty International firmly believes that such cultural fests bring out one’s hidden prowess and skills. It definitely boosts their confidence and spirit. “It is also a way to push your limits and test your potential. Competing with other students helps you judge yourself more effectively. Also, it’s never easy to perform in front of a crowd that is judging you,” added the Cultural Committee.
 “Gone are the days where the students are told to be confined within the four walls of academics. They want a platform to set themselves free to unravel their inner potential to become a 21st century global citizen. ‘IGNITE’ has given them this opportunity to discover themselves through a plethora of events for them to emerge as confident individuals in their respective areas of passion,” opined the Principal, Mr Bijo Kurian. 



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