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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Insights to Personality Development at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2018-19).

‘‘When educating the minds of the youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts’. These wise words by the Dalai Lama resonate with the core values, at Witty International School.  We feel responsible for educating the overall personality of our student.
As a leading international school, in Mumbai, Witty International School creates a unique learning environment for all our students. We are in constant pursuit of academic and personal growth and development. In today’s highly competitive environment; we understand that students need the confidence, attitude and determination that can make them stand apart from the competition and help them succeed in every sphere of life. We understand that often, it is the perception of ourselves before the test that determines how we come out of the test.
A guest lecture on Personality Development was organized in the sprawling campus of Witty International School, Pawan Baug, by Dr. Jignasha Thakkar the CEO of Edusafe – a wellness organization. The workshop aimed to ensure that every child is empowered to make choices and is encouraged to contribute to the community.
Dr. Jignasha Thakkar’s programme focussed on self-motivation, self-confidence, management of emotions such as fear and anger, problem solving and decision-making skills, and positive thinking. Students learnt step-by-step, systematic methods to enhance their personality through discussions, group activities, questionnaires, individual exercises and practice sessions. Exercises were held for individual assessment.                                                                                                                                                              Wittians were quick to adapt themselves into the learning—the process of thinking, doing, questioning, wondering, discovering—with every ounce of energy and joy. The session, focussed on developing the student’s personality addressing the problems they face, helping them become successful in every endeavour they engage themselves in.
The success of the programme were the smiling faces of students who stepped out into the real world with confidence, the right skills and knowledge to face the world after rediscovering the different facets of their own personality in a positive way.
Principal, Bijo Kurian, enthused, “No matter how ordinary we think we are, we can polish our traits and behaviours and shine through. So, we believe in transforming our students’ personality into one that aims to succeed in every aspect of their lives”.



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