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Friday, June 29, 2018

Me and Mom Master Chef at Witty World, Bhilwara June 27' 2018

              I want to cook,
                     Something for you.
              Oh Dear Mum,
               Help me to do
Cooking with kids is not only a fun activity but also a great chance for kids to give them some life skills, boosting their confidence and even practicing some fine motor skills. With this motive, Wiity Wold, Bhilwara organized an activity ‘Me And Mom Master Chef’ scheduled for the summer camp of the year 2018-19.
All the little chefs came with their mums. They were welcomed by beautifully made ‘Aprons’ for mums and ‘chef caps’ for the lovely kids. During the activity some healthy as well as tasty recipes were taught by the guest Mrs. Roma Chhabra. She instructed mums and kids to make ‘Yummy Sandwich Cake’, ‘Tasty Mixed Fruit Sandesh’ and ‘ Healthy Banana Pop’.
All the ingredients were provided by the school. The aim of this fireless cooking activity was to give the chance to kids to try something new and to discover the passion for food.



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