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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Asteroid Day Celebration at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2018-19).

All About Asteroids
In 2016, Asteroid Day was declared by the UN to be a global day of education to raise awareness about asteroids, their role in our solar system and the need to use science and technology to increase our knowledge and ability to protect humanity from dangerous impacts and facilitate future exploration.
Witty International School is committed to the holistic development of each child through an academic programme which enhances learning by putting the child at the centre of the programme. Students learn through inquiry, making learning fun and effective through innovative methodologies which best fit their learning styles and engage them in meaningful and thoughtful ways, providing opportunities for experiential and authentic learning. A workshop on ‘International Asteroid Day – Lets find them before they find us’ was organised for the students of grade 6 to, on 30th of June, 2018.
The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sameer Mathewho is currently working as Senior Research Scientist at Society for AppliedMicrowave Engineering and Research, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt ofIndia, IIT Bombay. In 2016, Mr.SameerMathe established a startup firm named as ARC EDUCATORS for providingAstronomy and Space science education for school and college students in India.
Mr. Sameer Mathesuccessfully held the workshop, where the goal of the event was to increase awareness amongst students and teach them about near-earth asteroids and comets and the threat to Earth which might be imposed by them. He focused on how, what we as global civilization can do to protect our ecosystems, cities and families from space hazards like near-earth asteroids has been addressed as well.
Mr. Sameer used tactile models as the main teaching tool and incorporated different visual aids in creative ways to appeal to the students. The activity conducted succeeded in conveying a taste for astronomy to the students. They learnt how to make the connections between educational concepts, hands-on experiences, and real-world applications.
Students learnt some basic facts about asteroids in our solar system, mainly about the size of asteroids and how that relates to the potential danger of an asteroid colliding with the Earth. Students were briefly introduced to the destruction that would ensue should a large asteroid hit, as it did 65 million years ago. The seminar gave students an opportunity to individually investigate scientific concepts. Students completed individual and team projects in which they formulated questions, researched different topics on asteroids, designed an experiment, collected and analysed data, and formed a conclusion based on their work.



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