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Friday, July 27, 2018

Biomimicry - Workshop for Secondary Section at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2018-19).

Biomimicry: ‘’The innovation of a new era at Witty’s doorstep
In its endeavour to foster a knowhow of new technological innovations for its students, Witty International School had organised a day’s workshop on a scientific, multidisciplinary field called ‘Biomimicry’.  The workshop marked the presence of honorary scientists from IIT Mumbai namely, Prof. Pant, Prof. Dusane and Prof. Verma, at Witty International School on 26th July 2018. The purpose of the workshop was to share the experience of biomimicry for futuristic purposes that reopen the minds of students to nature’s solutions in terms of innovation, adaptation and evolution.
Biomimetic’s principle states that if it cannot be found in nature, there is probably a good reason for its absence. It may have been tried, and long ago edited out of the population. Natural selection is wisdom in action. Both biomimetics and bioinspiration are emerging in education in several sectors including robotics engineering, interdisciplinary teaching and industrial design. They are targeted towards finding sustainable solutions for human or industrial problems. Biomimetics is different than any other bioapproaches. It mainly focuses upon what we can learn from nature, not what we can extract from their ecosystems. It’s making a fiber like a spider, or lassoing the sun’s energy like a leaf. The practice of biomimetic invention can proceed from biology to design, where a biological phenomenon suggests a new, innovative way to solve nature’s problems.
Dr. Prof. Pant, who is an aerospace engineer from IIT Mumbai, conducted the biomimetic workshop for students of class 8. A detailed demonstration was given on biomimetic kangaroo, and aerojelly fish. Depiction of a drone displaying a flying fish, with a camera installed in its tail fin was also vividly demonstrated. He explained the importance of carrying out such projects at the IIT, for making use of biomimetic principles in daily human life. The students were excited and motivated to know and to gain more knowledge in this field. This was evident from a very interactive question and answer session that followed soon thereafter.
Overall, the workshop was a stupendous success, wherein biomimetic strategies were explained to the teachers, who could then disseminate the same to the students. The concept of practical classroom activities, as individual or team work was also touched and enhanced upon. The honorary scientists also hoped that sharing their experiences will help teachers and students to tap useful concepts. The usage of real examples of biomimetic principles and tools for the development of new materials, new/improved designs and fabrication strategies would usher in good stead for the students of Witty International School.



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