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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Movie Time - Primary Section, Pawan Baug

 “Cinema is universal, beyond flags, and borders and passports.” – Alejandro González iñárritu Hopes and dreams are what fuels a child’s imagination and movies are one of those tools that delivers the perfect narrative to our little Wittians as it demonstrates that each person has the capacity to be a hero. Primary Wittians of WIS, Pawan Baug on 19th June, 2018 and 22nd June, 2018 had a tremendous blast during their Movie Time in school. The two movies, 'Garfield' and 'Jumanji', exhibit a mixture of personality, problem, solution and fun. It welcomed endless laughter and excitement.The transformation of each character in how to they confront their biggest fears, in how they work with each other as the story develops, and finally in how they are willing to do the most difficult in service of their peers and that which is right resonated with our little heroes. To commemorate 40th birthday of Garfield, a comic character created by Jim Davis with great deal of amusement captivated our little Wittians with surreal animation and imagery, stimulated their imagination, and provided enough witty commentary to have them laughing for days.
 Each character in Jumanji served as a representation of different personalities, and that helped in connecting our kids with the themes of the movie. Of course, it is an incredibly fun movie with some ludicrous scenes of jungle animals in ways that otherwise would never happen and that also brought about a great number of laughs! What’s wonderful about these movies was that it taught our Wittians that one should look beyond how someone may talk and more so appreciate how an individual’s actions truly merit consideration. It was a fabulous journey for all involved, and the students certainly said so!It chronicles the life of the title character Garfield , the cat; Jon Arbuckle , the human ; and Odie, the dog. It holds the Guinness World Record for being the World’s most widely published comic strip. In the movie, Garfield and his motley crew of adventurers set out to find Odie, and took our little Wittians along with them.Students loved the dance-off between Garfield and Odie, and eagerly awaited to see their hero Garfield rescued his best friend.




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