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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Pet Animal Tea Party (Play Group, Witty Kids Bhilwara) July 26' 2018

I have a pet,
It’s a black cat,
It likes to have party,
With it’s favourite rat. 
Studies have proven that the company of an animal can help reduce feelings of loneliness. So, to include more fun during the concept time for the kids of Playgroup of Witty Kids, R.C. Vyas colony, Bhilwara, a tea party for pet animals dramatisation was done on Thursday, July 26’ 2018. The classroom was given a party look where many pet animals toys were kept. The kids also brought their pet animal toy. The tiny tots wire headgears of pet animals to be a part of the party. The toddlers were thrilled to have the extra company of pets and got chance to know more about them. It was an amazing way to inculcate positive results towards the social sphere of the child and to develop not only cognitive intelligence but also emotional intelligence.



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