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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Black and White Colour Day (Junior KG, Witty World Bhilwara) August 09' 2018

White is a Snowman
Black is a Cobra
Paint the colour together
Here we got a Black and White Zebra.
The little Wittians of Junior KG at Witty World, Bhilwara were introduced to Black and White colour on Thursday, August 09’ 2018. As the World without colour is unimaginable, same impact is of Black and White. The two most important and primary colour. Black is strong and white is calm was been told for putting more impact to clarify the concept to the kids, the teachers decorated the classroom with black and white objects and balloons. Teacher, children and the classroom everything was giving a black and white impression on the day. Day and night scene was created to make the kids visualize the black and white colour. The same was followed by doing  magic painting in the scrapbook. Children learned the concept and enjoyed a lot.




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