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Friday, August 10, 2018

Green Day Celebration by Jr.Kg Section at Witty Kids Pawan Baug (2018-19).

Green is the colour of my uniform, just like the green chair in my class.
My Witty, the dino is also green, he loves eating spinach as I have seen.
          The green spinach will give Witty and me protein 
           So, I love Green, I love Green, I love Green!

It was a fun filled day when our little wittians of Jr.kg section- Pawan Baug celebrated their Green Colour day on 8th August 2018. Children and their teachers came dressed up in different shades of green. The classroom was decorated with green streamers and lovely flashcards that displayed green coloured objects. The children got hands on experience when they mixed blue and yellow colour on a leaf stencil with a brush, they were amazed to see the mixture turning Green and the impression of leaf in their scrap books looked awesome! It was loads of fun with learning too!!!



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