Witty World

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Red Day Celebration by Jr.KG Section at Witty World Bangur Nagar (2018-2019)

Red is an apple.
Red is a cherry.
Red is a rose.
And a ripe strawberry.
"Red" colour symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality. Our Jr. Kg kids of Witty World, Bangur Nagar celebrated Red day On 2nd August ' 2018 to recap children into the mesmerizing  realm  of colours.  The  shades of Red Made our tiny tots feel bright, lively and cheerful.
The tiny tots and their  teachers looked stunning  in their  Red outfits. Children made a Red color magnifying glass using gelatin paper to emphasis the color . Teacher enthralled the children with a story on Red  color.
It was a scintillating day with  innocent  faces gleaming and reflecting brightness, joy,  love and happiness.



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