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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Yellow Day Celebration by Jr.KG Section at Witty World Bangur Nagar (2018-2019)

"Yellow yellow here and there,
Yellow yellow everywhere,
Yellow is the rising sun,

It makes my day happy and fun.”

Every color has it’s own importance, Color can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas.
Yellow color was revealed in the class using yellow things from the environment. To recapitulate and reinforce the color, students of Jr. Kg - Witty World Bangur Nagar had celebrated yellow day on 1st August '2018
The children and teachers came to school dressed in yellow color attire.  The little Wittian were thrilled to see their classroom beautifully decorated with yellow color object. Children made a yellow color magnifying glass using gelatin paper to emphasis the color . Teacher enthralled the children with a story on yellow color. Children were also familiarized with various articles in our surroundings which are yellow in colour.



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