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Monday, September 17, 2018

Cooking Activity - Healthy Bhel Making by Playgroup Section, (2018-19), Witty World, Goregaon East

“Healthy Bhel Day”
Tomatoes Tomatoes
Corn moong Corn,
Corn moong Corn,
Onion - Onion - Onion,
Lemon - lemon - lemon,
Healthy bhel!
Healthy bhel! 
In order to highlight the importance of healthy food ”Healthy bhel Day “was organized for the little ones of Playgroup section on Monday, September 10th, 2018 at Witty World Goregaon East. The children were asked to bring chopped tomato, boiled green sprouts, corn, coriander and lemon with them. During tiffin time children with the help of teachers mixed them in a bowl and garnished the yummy healthy bhel with coriander. It was amazing to watch the little Wittian’s role play being master chefs and preparing healthy bhel with their teachers. They enjoyed sharing and eating the healthy bhel with their peers and were pleasantly amazed to see how easily such a tasty and colorful dish could be made with the simple ingredients they had brought. It surely was a fun filled cooking experience.



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