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Monday, September 24, 2018

Dramatization of Community Helpers@WIS, Udaipur

Teachers teach us ABC’s,
Shapes and colours 123’s.
Doctors help us when we are sick,
Medicines will do the trick.
Firefighters put out fires,
Mechanics put our cars and tires.
Police help keep things safe for you,
What jobs do you want to do?

Community helper is a person who performs some jobs that helps improve the overall well being of the community. Community helpers are very important, they keep the community safe and healthy, make life better for the people so that the community functions more efficiently.

As in today’s society it is important than ever for children to have a positive attitude towards our friends in the neighborhood and community helpers. Teaching our little ones to see policeman, firefighters or local librarian dramatically changed how they view these figures in the future.
So, a specific counter at Witty International School, Udaipur was created as a community helpers unit in which all the materials were displayed related to them.

By this dramatization children came to know about different jobs that people do in a practical way. Also this way of explanation proved to be an interactive session in which children enjoyed answering the questions asked by the teacher.
Hence, community helpers theme covered many groups of people who help in our neighborhood. Teaching Sr. Kg students about community helper proved as an important unit as they understood the benefits of all the jobs in which people are involved in.



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