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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hindi Diwas Celebration by Secondary Section at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2018-19).

Hindi Diwas
Hindi Diwas, celebrated on 14th September, is an important day to propagate Hindi language in this world and encourage people to feel proud in speaking this language. Hindi language is connected with various rituals, cultural heritage and values that provide the glimpse of Indian culture. Thus, it is important to dedicate a day to this language that plays a vital role in showing true values and tradition of India to rest of the world. Secondary students of Witty International School, Pawan Baug celebrated ‘Hindi Diwas’ with much fanfare and enthusiasm. 
The School believes that each student has some hidden talent which needs to be nurtured properly and must get a platform to showcase the multi dimensional talents. As a part of celebrating ‘Hindi Diwas’, the students presented a vibrant cultural programme depicting the various realms of Hindi literature.
The school had invited Mr Yogesh Vikrant Singh, a lyricist and dialogue writer, Mrs Garima Singh, a famous Doordarshanactress and Mr Shailesh Kumar Singh, famous critic and writer who graced the occasion as the chief guests to mark the importance of this day along with the students.  The program commenced with a spectacular Welcome Dance‘Shubhaarambh’ which presented the cultural bonanza in the form of Unity in Diversity. ‘HasyaKaviSammelan’ provided a rendition of poems such as MaccharChalisa, Netaji, Hindi kamaan etc. Each poem symbolised humour, patriotism etc.
‘Cyber Crime NukkadNatak’, a street play which stressed on the vicious evils of the internet and social media. It enabled the students to be aware of the horrors associated with the cyber world.The play ended with a pledge of using the internet safely and wisely imparted a great social message to the audience.One dance based on “Unstoppable India” song sung by Shankar Mahadevan mesmerized the spectators. ‘Kya BanegaCrorepati’ was a stand up comedy which kept the audience in splits. Their comic timing and humorous approach was highly appreciated.
The programme proceeded forward with a“Madhurswarlehri”which was an innovative fusion of different ragas, rhythm, melody and harmony .The audience truly rejoiced to the beats of the rhythmic songs. A Hindi program can never be complete unless Hindi Literature is aptly presented. ‘SayaniBua’a mature play based on the famous story penned by Mrs.Mannu Bhandari on the relationship between a disciplinarian mother andconstrained daughter was showcased. It was a powerful packed performance that enthralled the minds and hearts of the audience to the very end.
The show ended with a fantabulous Grand Finale, GanpatiBappaMorya’where each student present there in the auditorium felt proud to be a part of such a culture which possesses a language as great as Hindi.
Mrs Garima Singh aptly said, “Celebration of this special day will definitely promote Hindi language and will be best transferred to next generation. Moreover, people should feel proud of their national language and this is the main motive of this special day celebration. Therefore, celebration of Hindi Diwas all across India will definitely enhance the glory and progress of Hindi and new generation will feel the importance of their mother language in their overall development.”
“To ensure that Hindi becomes a means of expression, we have to work to bring that pride back in the next generation. When confidence and verve return to Hindi prose, that’s when the language will endure. When the youth feels that Hindi is versatile enough for their 21st century sensibilities, that’s when it will grow. It is our responsibility to help our children move ahead into the future and carry their greatest heritage, the language of Hindi, with them," remarked the Principal, Mr Bijo Kurian. He also appreciated the efforts of the Hindi Department and the participating students.
The students were also advised to revere Hindi language, enrich Hindi literature and strive to bring ‘Hindi’ to the pedestal where the whole world acknowledges its magnitude.



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