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Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Dinosaur Tea Party Celebrated by JR KG Section at Witty World, Bangur Nagar ( 2018-2019)

Dinosaur, dinosaur, Turn around,
Dinosaur, dinosaur, Stomp the ground,
Dinosaur, dinosaur, Show your claws,
Dinosaur, dinosaur Snap your jaws,
Dinosaur, dinosaur,
Turn around
Sit back down....!

To include more fun during the concept time for the kids of  Junior KG  section of Witty World ,Bangur Nagar, A Dinosaur Tea Party was organised on Wednesday 24th October’ 2018. Children were taken to a class which had a tea party set up during the break time, where Dino soft toys were arranged. Kids also brought along their Dino soft toys with a snack of toast bread. They also enjoyed shadow match puzzle after the snack time. Our little Wittians were thrilled to have the extra company of their little Dinosaur and got a chance to know more about them. They had a great fun by watching The Good Dino movie.
It was an amazing way to inculcate positive results towards the social sphere of the child and to develop not only cognitive intelligence but also emotional intelligence. It was surely a day filled with fun and learning.



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