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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Educational Excursion to Hyderabad (Grade IV to VIII, 17.10.18 to 20.10.18)

Witty International School, Atun Road,Bhilwara, believes that trips and excursions are a perfect way to expand one’s horizons. This is why regular excursions are organized for students to promote learning through outdoor interactions, and experiences. In addition, such trips also instil a sense of appreciation for the wonders of the earth and expose one to a wide variety of cultural and geographical ecosystems. 
To develop new sights, bonding and informal environment for students an educational excursion to Hyderabad was organized by the school.
Twenty students along with two teachers departed on October 17,2018 for Hyderabad, which is the capital city of Telangana in Southeastern India.This place was chosen for excursion because it has a bright history, great geography and glorious places to visit.Students were enthralled when they visited Ramoji Film City, Wittians learnt a lot about the making of movies. They are now able to make difference between the actual and dramatic life. Students were surprised to know about the magical   techniques of kings who made and modified the Golconda Fort, like sending messages through radiations, walls which get cool after getting sunlight,system of purifying water  and  lot of magical things were observed there.  Visit to Sudha Car museum was a disparate experience for students,they were flabbergasted from the ideas that how cars can be made in different shapes like cake, cricket, bat, computer, different balls etc . They learnt that nothing is impossible in life. Students also visited Salarjung Museum, Charminar, Mecca etc.
Students enjoyed to the extent that they did not want to come back. Their return was on 20 October,2018. Their DJ parties, entertainment activities and adventurous sports activities hold unforgettable memories.



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