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Friday, October 5, 2018

Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch

“Wisdom is giving the children their wings, along with the rudder of awareness to keep them safe from prying hands” – Yamini Vijendrum.

Good touches feel nice and warm, and make one feel safe and protected. Keeping the above thought in mind, Witty International School organised a session on Good Touch and Bad Touch for the Primary Wittians. Doctors from Sanjeevani Hospital Foundation showed our Wittians real – life situations which include various safe touches and unsafe touches. It helped build awareness about Child Sexual Abuse and it was a session aimed at creating awareness among students to sensitize them about good touch and bad touch.

 All students of Witty International School actively participated in the engaging workshop where they were taught about their safe zones. Speakers (Dr. Aruna Sadarangani and Dr. Smitha Murthy),  with the help of numerous videos, pictures character play etc. explained the students how to differentiate and identify “bad touch” or other “uncomfortable behaviour” from others. They were also given instructions on how one should react or respond in an uncomfortable situation. At the end of the session, children had to answer questionnaire to review their understanding. It was a great initiative and step to spread awareness about ‘ Good and Bad Touch’  - one of the most sensitive issues in today’s time for children to understand the prevailing truth and essential guidelines to deal with the same, thus making themselves future ready. And this all was ‘BECAUSE CHILDREN MATTER.’



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