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Friday, November 30, 2018

Field trip to two Wheeler showroom at WIS, Udaipur

Field trip to two Wheeler showroom
“I’ll take you riding
I’ll take you riding on my bike
The wheels of the bike goes ting-a-ling
Hold the handle bars, turn left and right
Let’s go riding the hill”.
There are many ways to educate a child. School field trip is one such effective educational activity for kids that helps facilitate fast and efficient learning. On 30th Nov. 2018, little toddlers of PG to Jr.KG at Witty International School, Udaipur were taken to a two wheeler showroom to provide them with real world experience. The kids were amazed to see different types of vehicles and their features. The teachers and the team members of the showroom explained them about the features and their uses like as it has two wheels, headlight, importance of wearing a helmet, use of horn and signals.
The kids were made to sit on scooters and bikes to create a connection between the classroom learning and real world.

The visit to the showroom exposed them to a new environment. Children were really happy to learn about these facts and it was a loving trip for them.



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