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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Diwali Celebration at Witty World, Chikoowadi (2018-19)

The celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights, came alive at Witty World on Friday, 2nd November 2018. The happiness and light of goodness was in the air. School was decorated to give it a festive look with diyas, lanterns and rangoli. The little ones dressed beautifully added charm and fervor to the atmosphere. Children of pre-primary section participated in drawing and colouring activities with great zeal.

Teachers at Witty World presented a small skit on why and how to celebrate Diwali which gave a beautiful message on celebrating Diwali in an eco-friendly manner. At the end of the show, children promised to celebrate Diwali and have fun without causing harm to the nature.

No party is complete without music and dance and so the Auditorium at Witty World was witness to joyful singing and dancing by the children and teachers.

Here’s Wishing all our little one’s a happy and safe Diwali!!



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