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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Dramatic Play at the beach (Playgroup, Witty Kids Bhilwara) 2018-19

Whether It's the middle of summer, or the dead of winter, there's no better time to head to the "beach!"
It’s always nice when children can explore the real things during any theme. While we couldn’t take the children to the beach, we dramatized a beach scene for the Playgroup toddlers on November 13, 2018 at Witty Kids, R.C. Vyas, Bhilwara to correlate the concept with the theme of the month 'Marine Life' All the kiddies brought their favourite beach hat and sunglasses to have the experience for the same. The kids were thrilled to see the sand spread over the flex to make the scene more lively. A pit was also kept filled with water to depict the sea shore and sea creature toys, sea pebbles were kept in that pit to make the kids more acquainted. The children enjoyed relaxing on the armchair under the umbrella wearing the hat and sunglasses. They also felt the difference between the dry sand and the wet sand while playing and making sand castles with it. The dramatic play of beach scene was a huge success!  It may not be anything near a real beach, but it worked perfect for our theme!



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