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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Fancy Dress (Insects) (Junior KG, Witty Kids Bhilwara) 2018-19

“Lady bugs and butterflies,
Buzzing bees up in the sky,
Teeny Tiny little ants,
Crawling up and down the plants.
Many insects can be found,
In the sky and on the ground.”
 On Thursday, November 22' 2018 the little Wittians of Junior KG, Witty Kids, Bhilwara, participated in fancy dress activity . The theme for fancy dress was Insects to do a recap of the concept done in the past few days .The little ones came beautifully dressed as Lady bugs , Butterflies, Caterpillars, Ants, Honeybees etc. They enjoyed the enactment of the same and gave their introduction and spoke a few lines describing about the creepy crawlies, they were dressed as.



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