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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Field Trip to Domino's Pizza for Primary section at Witty Kids, Chikoowadi (2018-19)

‘Field trips are an opportunity to enter into the world of mystical power.’

Learning occurs in a lot of different ways in schools, and it's not limited only to the classrooms. Field trip is one of the most important part of learning and helps to enhance the thinking and creative ability of the students. Wittians of grade I&II were extremely excited to visit Domino’s Pizza outlet on 24th October 2018. They were given a very warm welcome by the team. Before entering the kitchen, they were asked to wash their hands and were provided caps emphasizing on hygiene. Students got an opportunity to make their own pizza by flattening the dough, adding cheese and topping and finally they were taught how to cut, pack and label the ready pizza. Then a staff member explained to each batch, the entire process of making a pizza.  The students were surprised to see how a dough ball could easily be converted into a delicious pizza. Wittians admired the kitchen setup and the managerial skills of the staff. Students thanked the team for patiently teaching them the art of making scrumptious pizzas.

The children relished the pizza and it was overall a wonderful learning experience for them! They were also felicitated with certificates declaring them to be certified as ‘JUNIOR PIZZA MAKERS’. These real learning experiences help students to see things out of the narrow bubble and themselves as a part of a bigger world.



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