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Friday, November 2, 2018

Halloween celebration by JR KG Section ( 2018-19) Witty World, Bangur Nagar

Walking up the garden path,
I spy a yummy sweet,
Halloween is here again
Knock, Knock - trick or treat?

At Witty World no opportunity is lost at empowering children and strengthening their inner core ! So a  Halloween Carnival was hosted  on Thursday 1st, November, 2018. The entire school was decorated with pumpkin cut-outs, Frankenstein and ghost festoons and bat mobiles. The children dressed in black and Halloween related accessories participated in theme related activities such as Pumpkin Hopscotch, Pumpkin toss ring the witches hat, feed the pumpkin 
Children knocked their fears down at the bowling alley where they knocked down Halloween characters like Frankenstein, mummy fairies & witches !  Children enjoyed watching the movie “Casper the friendly Ghost” 

Children of playgroup enjoyed sticking cotton balls on  puffy the ghost cut out, Nursery children enjoyed coloring and sticking black crepe paper on the bat eye mask, Jr.kg children enjoyed paper folding  to make hands & legs for the pumpkin  mask and children of Sr.KG  enjoyed weaving  a spider web using black wool .The simile pumpkins and bats and children dressed in black trying to look scary lent a soft touch to the Halloween theme !



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