Witty World

Friday, November 2, 2018

Halloween Celebration by Pre-Primary Section (2018-19), Witty World, Goregaon East

            Halloween celebration

Pumpkin time is here again,
          Time to play trick or Treat.
          Pumpkin time is here again,
        Our Spooky friends we'll meet.
                                      See the costumes we have on,
                                      Monsters, ghosts, goblins too.
                  See the costumes we have on,  Hear us all shout "BOO!"

Halloween has its origin in the catholic festival of Hallowmas, a celebration of the beginning of a new cycle of the wheels of the year. Witty World hosted the Halloween festival on Wednesday 31st, October, 2018. The school was decorated with pumpkin, spider and bat cutouts. The children were dressed in black and Halloween characters they participated in theme related activities such as ghost toss, ice cream stick puzzle and tic-tac-toe games. Children made different take away activities according to their respective classes. Children enjoyed watching a movie “Casper the friendly Ghost” and getting pumpkin and bat tattoos. It surely was a thrilling day!



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